When the lightbulb comes on!

PHHP faculty use innovative teaching strategies to spark learning

By: Jill Pease, Katarina Fiorentino Klatzkow

Hands-on global health

OneHealth Students in the UF 2023 Summer Health Professions Education Program were able to participate in the One Health fictional country simulation, which originally debuted in the Global Public Health course. Lindsay Gamble
Water pouring In the water collection and handwashing activity, students were challenged to think about how to collect and efficiently use water for household hand washing. Lindsay Gamble
When students start engaging, talking and debating amongst themselves, when you see the light bulbs going off right there in front of you, it's just like magic.
George Hack, Ph.D.
Daniel Acosta Daniel Acosta explains the guidelines for the One Health simulation. Lindsay Gamble

Clinical experience cultivates classroom leadership

Caroline Cox Caroline Cox, equal access clinic board member, assists a patient with activities of daily living. Jesse S. Jones
OT EAC The OT EAC Executive Board. Front row: Mary Huntley, Marley Seymour and Ocean Bolocon. Back row: Dr. Anna Baird-Galloway, Caroline Cox, Cailyn Toro and Juliet Rapaport. Jesse S. Jones
That is what I want my students to take away; not just the skills of being an OT, but also the skills of being a thoughtful, self-aware and intentional clinician.”
Anna Galloway, O.T.D., OTR/L
Cailyn Toro Equal access clinic board member Cailyn Toro demonstrates lower body dressing techniques. Jesse S. Jones