Creative clinician

From classical performer to speech-language pathologist

By: Katarina Fiorentino Klatzkow
Loic Research speech-language pathologist Kayla Croft and Loïc Adjevi-Neglokpe at the Aerodigestive Research Core, where Adjevi-Neglokpe conducted swallowing research.
A good speech-language pathologist can switch hats easily; they know their scope of practice, but also where it bridges with someone else’s. Artists do that and so do great clinicians.
- Loïc Adjevi-Neglokpe
Loic Loïc Adjevi-Neglokpe during his time as a graduate student at the College of Public Health and Health Professions. Adjevi-Neglokpe is currently carving a unique path in rehabilitation, combining passion for music with a career in health care.