Celebrating UF’s Core Values

Six central values were chosen by UF stakeholders to ensure they reflect the diverse UF community.

This fall, the University of Florida celebrated its Core Values of excellence, discovery and innovation, inclusion, freedom and civility, community, and stewardship, with a week of activities. These six central values were chosen by UF stakeholders to ensure they reflect the diverse UF community.

“The University of Florida’s six core values represent who we are and what we aspire to be as a premier university,” said Angela Lindner, Ph.D., associate provost and chair of the UF Core Values Task Force. “The core values unite all members of the UF community — students, faculty, staff, alumni and constituents — around a common set of principles. They bring us together and provide the framework for our shared Gator identity. The values guide our Gator Nation as we work together to evolve, innovate and strengthen our local, national and global communities.”

Michael Moorhouse, Ph.D., director of the college’s Bachelor of Health Science program, reflected on the value of freedom and civility, described as embracing the freedom to inquire and express ideas without condemnation, and to show respect for the right of others to do the same.

“We live during a time when being judgmental is celebrated more than curiosity; where ‘winning’ an argument is more important than the substance of an argument; and where misinformation upends scientific rigor,” Moorhouse said. “Arguably now more than ever, we must be open to debate and strive to understand viewpoints that differ from our own. We must respect the individual story rather than automatically default to the single story we construct about ‘other’ people. No two people — no matter how similar in appearance, beliefs or experiences — are identical. To assume otherwise is a matter of convenience not consciousness. Therefore, it is imperative that we remain curious about the world, open to ideas that differ from our own and continuously strive to better ourselves so that we can be better for others.”