PHHP annual report 2021

Highlights of the college's education, research and service activities in 2021


  • 2,934 students

    students in classroom

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  • 186 faculty members
  • 20 degree programs

As part of its artificial intelligence initiative, UF is providing opportunities for all undergraduate students, regardless of their major, to learn about AI and how it impacts their fields of study. PHHP has recently launched an undergraduate certificate program in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Public Health. The nine-credit program will teach students to evaluate AI applications in health contexts, appraise the ethical use of AI technologies in health decisions, and explore the advantages of AI in addressing health outcomes.

In 2021, the college was awarded reaccreditation from the Council on Education for Public Health for a full seven-year term, through the end of 2028.


U.S. News & World Report graduate programs, rankings published in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 (among public universities)

Occupational therapy 4

Physical therapy 6

Biostatistics 11

Health care management 17

Clinical psychology 19

Public health 18

Speech-language pathology 20

Audiology 24


  • researcher looking in microscope

    Photo by Jesse S. Jones

    $35 million in research awards

  • 9 in NIH funding among schools of public health at public universities

In support of the university’s artificial intelligence initiative, the college has hired several new faculty members with expertise in AI. PHHP research projects using AI technology include developing precision dosing for a nonpharmaceutical treatment for brain health, real-time surveillance of antimicrobial resistance, predicting the effectiveness of new cancer nanomedicines, forecasting hotspots of infectious disease transmission, and identifying risk factors and mechanisms affecting aging and the onset and progression of chronic diseases and cancer. College researchers are also conducting a number of ongoing studies related to COVID-19, such as disease modeling, long-term health effects among patients with COVID, and coronavirus transmission between humans and animals.


  • students talking with person in vehicle3 student-run equal access clinics
  • 116 faculty, staff and students volunteered at COVID-19 vaccination clinics

College faculty, staff and students have contributed to COVID-19 response in many ways, including serving as disease investigators in support of the university’s campus response through the Florida Department of Health, volunteering at vaccination clinics, providing campus and community wastewater surveillance, combating misinformation through numerous media interviews, and collaborating with the World Health Organization on the implementation and evaluation of COVID-19 vaccine and treatment trials.

PHHP FY21 revenues

Grants/contracts         $34.9M

Tuition                           $14.3M

State allocation            $13.4M

Clinical care                   $4.8M

Foundation                    $4.3M

Auxiliary/Self-funded  $4.1M

TOTAL                          $75.8M