Creative boost

A project uses powerful visuals to inspire UF students to protect themselves against COVID-19

woman places sign next to mural Alexandra Rodriguez sets up for a launch event at UF’s Springs Residential Complex next to Amy Lindroth’s “Flex the Vax.” Jesse S. Jones
Cristi Lopez puts the finishing touches on “Protect Each Other” Artist Cristi Lopez puts the finishing touches on “Protect Each Other” at the Plaza of the Americas. “My main motivation as an artist is to use visuals as a bridge between the viewer and resources that can improve their lives; my personal work is oriented towards mental health awareness and education. In the case of this project, that resource is a vaccine that can save innumerable lives,” Lopez said. Photo by Alexandra Rodriguez
Brittney Webber poses with her mural Brittney Webber poses with her mural “Gator Aid.” QR codes on each mural provide links to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 safety and efficacy webpage, a local vaccination website and a survey to collect outcome data. Alexandra Rodriguez
sign advertising shots At mural launch events, UF HealthStreet provided COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, as well as flu shots. Ashleigh Wright, M.D., a UF Health primary care physician, was on hand to answer questions about the vaccines. Alexandra Rodriguez
Jenna Horner Professional muralist Jenna Horner served as the project’s mural curator. “My involvement in this project is to mindfully curate a group of artists and thoughtful designs that use art as a tool for compassionate, safe and inclusive language,” she said. Amy Lindroth