Looking back — fall/winter 2021

Images from the college's archives


group of students standing in archived photo

Health science center students gather for an Interdisciplinary Team Conference Day, circa 1971. The event was organized by students, including Barbara Boyt Schell, bachelor’s in occupational therapy ’72, to help them gain a better understanding of other health disciplines. “We each took on the role of a different discipline, which turned out to be effective in highlighting how little we did know about each other’s roles! I do recall the Dean (Darrel J. Mase) saying something to the effect that he had been trying to ‘build a fire’ of interdisciplinary work and instead, there was ‘spontaneous combustion’ coming from the students. The day was a success,” said Schell, now professor emerita of the Brenau University School of Occupational Therapy. Pictured from left: Anne Stiles, rehabilitation counseling; Sid Lauteria, medicine; Stirling Close, hospital administration; Barbara Boyt, occupational therapy; Jeff Mandel, medicine; Bridget Breen, nursing; and Danny Weldon, physical therapy