Views from a pandemic

College faculty, staff and students share the struggles, surprises and silver linings in an unforgettable year

Finding a new balance

Dr. Shelley Heaton and sons Dr. Shelley Heaton on a recent boating outing with her sons, Griffin and Quinn.

Unexpected opportunity

group of students Tara Segalewitz, second from left, with classmates in January 2020.

An outbreak like no other

Ira Longini Dr. Ira Longini

Looking for a silver lining

Regan Wagner with colleagues Regan Wagner (center) volunteers at a vaccination clinic at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

Clinical placement scramble

Natacha Miller Tending to her flower garden has helped Natacha Miller cope with stress over the past year.

Rare reinfection

Sean Turner Armed with hand sanitizer and wipes, Sean Turner prepares to return to in-person services at the UF Health Psychology Specialties practice in December 2020.

Protecting a loved one

Farah and grandmother Jacinta Maria Silvestre at her granddaughter Farah Arosemena-Murfee’s 2006 wedding.
Jacinta COVID Stay_Long walks Silvestre enjoyed long walks around the neighborhood during her stay in Gainesville last year.