The science of safety

Protecting our campus, community and world

Screen, test and protect

woman in mask talking on phone Disease investigator Sneha Sathish conducts a case interview, including requesting a list of the person’s close contacts. Sathish is a second-year Master of Public Health student with a concentration in epidemiology.
Alfeil Felipe Disease investigator Alfeil Felipe

Monitoring outbreaks through wastewater

wastewater collection The wastewater surveillance system uses self-contained sampling devices that fit beneath a manhole cover. The device fills a bottle with a small amount of wastewater at set intervals to create a composite sample for each site that gets labeled, inventoried and tested for the genomic signature of SARS-CoV-2.

Combating misinformation

CNN screen capture Dr. Natalie Dean has appeared in numerous broadcast outlets, including CNN’s Inside Politics with John King.