Responding to a pandemic

Faculty, staff and students from across the college have stepped in to respond to the COVID-19 crisis

Tracking the spread

Preparing for clinical trials

Disease detectives

women around table Students Emily Klann, Rebecca Fisk and Veronica Richards at the Broward County Health Department in April.

Filling the testing gap

PK Yonge study volunteers Volunteers prepare to conduct drive-thru testing at P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School.

Reaching patients through telehealth

telehealth appointment Dr. Dawn Bowers, Dr. Russell Bauer and Dr. David Marra run through a teleneuropsychology screening with Dr. Kristin Hamlet (on the screen).

Protecting health care workers

woman with protective equipment Photo by Louis Brems

Serving the community

COVID19 Service Corps Testing Students in the COVID-19 Service Corps conduct drive-thru testing. Photo by Jesse S. Jones

Attention health care providers

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