Stand up and holler for PHHP

Support the College of Public Health and Health Professions on Feb. 20, 2020

Save the date! The University of Florida will hold its second Gator Nation Giving Day on Feb. 20, 2020. The 24-hour campaign encourages Gators from all over to “Stand Up and Holler” for UF. This year’s Giving Day exceeded all goals, raising $12.6 million from 11,535 gifts.

The campaign, driven mostly by email and social media, is named in recognition of the beloved Gator football game cheer made famous by George Edmondson Jr., better known to fans as “Mr. Two Bits.” Edmondson’s iconic orange-and-blue striped necktie was used as a symbol to promote the campaign.

Next year, we’ve set our sights higher. The goal is 15,000 gifts in one day! We hope you’ll join fellow College of Public Health and Health Professions alumni in supporting the college’s education, research and service activities. Your gift will directly support our students and programs and help us continue to make this a healthier world for all.