Global health in action

The UF in Haiti Study Abroad Program offers undergrads a unique opportunity to gain global health skills

water sampling Student Mockelaux Bonzongo collects a water sample.
“I wanted them not just to learn the academic research methods, I wanted them to learn the chaos that is global health. I always create an outline, but if we can't follow it, I want the students to be able to troubleshoot in the field.”
— Dr. Elizabeth Wood
group photo
“It is a big life goal for me to do something for my country to go back to Haiti and help them, but I can’t do that alone, we have to come together.”
— Geneve Simeus
three people Haitian Creole language tutor and neighborhood friend Bernard “Dadou” Evans, Kelly Chapman and Robinson Bernier.
group hiking

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Applications for the 2019 program are being accepted until January 28