PT’s special guest

PT department welcomes national foundation executive

Jennifer Sharp (center) is shown with rehabilitation science doctoral students Roy Coronado, Emily Fox, Elisa Gonzalez-Rothi, Maggie Horn, Meryl Alappattu, Barbara Smith, Martina Spiess and Manuela Corti. Photo by Jesse S. Jones.

Jennifer Sharp, associate director of the Foundation for Physical Therapy, recently spent a day in PHHP’s department of physical therapy. The national foundation has provided grants to several UF physical therapy graduate students and faculty over the years, and Sharp’s visit gave her the opportunity to see the department’s research firsthand.

“Respect, passion, enthusiasm and pride emerged as ongoing themes throughout the day,” Sharp said. “Each person I met demonstrated passion and pride for the work they do, as well as tremendous enthusiasm for their colleagues and mentors. There is no doubt that physical therapy research is indeed changing lives – in so many ways.”

Jennifer Sharp with physical therapy department faculty